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Advanced Maidenhead Grids-Android Software

An Android app and source code are here  to calculate Maidenhead grids on an Android phone or tablet.  This app is similar to the app in the August 2015 QST magazine, however this version includes GPS and audible notifications. 73, Steve Advertisements

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KIA Logbook II Issues

*Important*   KIA Logbook II version 2.01 is  was not saving its logbooks.  This logger is one of three loggers available in ARCS II.  It is located in the ARCS II Toolbar MENU at Accessories>KIA Logbook II.  Please do NOT … Continue reading

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ARCS II Version 2.09 and ARCS III Version 2.08

ARCS III Version 1.08 contains a new toy.  MS Translate helps translate Amateur Radio technical talk and conversation.  The tool is an experiment.  The Internet is required for some functions.  Look in the Toolbar MENU Tools.   The program doesn’t perform … Continue reading

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ARCS III Version 1.07

ARCS III Version 1.07 was released 26 September.  This version introduces a panel for Repeaters and import of TravelPlus *.tpe and repeater csv files.  The Spreadsheet panel is renamed Simplex.  ADIF import/export is improved.  ARCS logbooks (*.cds files) are now … Continue reading

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ARCS II Version 2.08

ARCS II Version 2.08 (version 2.08c posted September 12) If you downloaded Version 2.08, (prior to Sept. 12); please download again.  Bugs were addressed and other significant improvements were made in the ARCS Log II including fix of Full Screen … Continue reading

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ARCSaprs Although there is plenty of activity regarding ARCSaprs on the blog, I get very little user input regarding ARCSaprs or the map tool.    I assume the tools are working fine worldwide.  No issues reported or requests for improvement?

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ARCS III Version 1.06

ARCS III Version 1.06 was released 14 July 2013. The WM7D online callbook can be used to directly enter information into the logger’s information fields. Three callbook  display options are availble: 1) simply display the callbook tool and search for … Continue reading

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