KIA Logbook II Issues

*Important*   KIA Logbook II version 2.01 is  was not saving its logbooks.  This logger is one of three loggers available in ARCS II.  It is located in the ARCS II Toolbar MENU at Accessories>KIA Logbook IIPlease do NOT use this tool until I fix this and other issues.  Use KIA Logbook instead, which is stable.  I am addressing   addressed the issues.  I hope to have a new version of ARCS II and the fixed logger posted before or by 27 November.  KIA Logbook II is still experimental, I appreciate the bug reports and am sorry for the inconvenience.  A revised version of the logger with new features and fixes for the bugs was posted 28 November; thanks to comments from K9BOJ. TNX Paul!  The web page indicates a NEW date of 28 November and the ARCS II download version 2.09 contains the revisions to the logger.  Please report any issues not addressed.  TNX

This logging software can import an US Callbook database directly to its logging fields.  There are still some issues.  Apparently I need to draft better instructions for the use of the feature.  Users ask if it would be possible to import QRZ callbook info (and also the information from some callbooks that are on CDs) into the logging fields.  There is not a simple answer.  The easy part is I have written algorithms for QRZ and one popular callbook that does this.  The hard part is since ARCS is ‘free’ software, I decided not to include the capability.  If you really need this capability, I suggest you write these commercial companies that you would like to have the feature in ARCS II (and ARCS III).  I do not have a license to access any of these very nice databases and do not intend to buy one .  Sorry.  The existing database the logger can access through the Internet is provided free by WM7D and is pretty neat.

Happy Thanksgiving and 73,


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2 Responses to KIA Logbook II Issues

  1. Nice software … It would be nice if it would use a MYSQL database and if I could convert my MYSQL database of HRD to this one 🙂 …

    • arcsii says:

      Hello Henk,

      You can convert your HRD database to an ADIF? Use the Maintenance MENU to convert your MYSQL database to an ADIF, then load the ADIF into the ARCS logging program. You will probably lose some data in the translation but nothing important in most cases. Will the conversion work? It depends on the version of ADIF HRD presently supports.

      It is very nice not to use MYSQL, the ClientDataSet in use (*.cds) is an SQL database and unlike MYSQL, is not bloated. HRD is no longer free … ARCS is free. 🙂 I do not intend to service commercial apps; their developers get the benefit, I get nothing so no reason to be compatible.

      Glad you enjoy the logger.

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