ARCS II Version 2.08

ARCS II Version 2.08 (version 2.08c posted September 12)

If you downloaded Version 2.08, (prior to Sept. 12); please download again.  Bugs were addressed and other significant improvements were made in the ARCS Log II including fix of Full Screen save, ADIF export and importing and ADIF into ARCS Log.

An enhanced version of the ARCS Log logger is being introduced in ARCS IIARCS Log II appears stable, however, both ARCS Log and Articulate Log are still part of the application so,  there are three (3) loggers available in this version of ARCS.  ARCS Log II uses a new data base (faster), the ability to display the logging form near full screen, several screen style options, ehnanced DXCC recognition, an improved configuration screen and more.  New users, please use ARCS Log II ; previous users, please do a log conversion, try the new logger and send me your comments. It is my intention to remove ARCS Log and Articulate Log from ARCS when I establish ARCS Log II is performing flawlessly.

ARCS II Styles now change immediately; users do not have to change the style, close the application and restart.  The antenna status on the status bar correctly indicates whether Antenna 1, 2 or VHF.   Other cosmetic changes were made  throughout the application.

I recently designed a new ARTICULATE logger,  It will not be implimented.  The regular logger is being enhanced (ARCS Log II) and will eventually contain most of the features that allowed the application to “talk to the user.”  I hope to get feedback from Articulate users.  Be aware, many of the “speaking” features of ARCS Log II may not yet work.

The “old” ARCS Log logbooks are not compatible with the NEW ARCS Log II database unfortunately for previous users.  To convert existing dbf to cds logs, users have to first create an ADI file using ARCS Log, transfer the resulting adi file to the ARCS Log II KIALog2/logbooks folder.   Once in the KIALog2/logbooks folder, use ARCS Log II to convert the adi file using Maintenance>Convert tool into a ARCS Log II compatible cds logbook.  The ARCSLog II logbook is compatible with  ARCS III.  The database used in ARCS II ARCSLog II is directly compatible with ARCS III logs. Version 2.08c addresses issues with the US Logbook and ADIF creation and export.  Posting logbook data created problems in the original release.   Some ADIF fields were not handled in the instance where the ADIF from an other logger did not have fields used in ARCS Log II.

Application Registration.  I frequently receive registration requests addressed to an old email address (sjg…).  Please DO NOT use that address; I do not use that address and requests to that address will be ignored.  Also, PLEASE save your registration number somewhere safe, not on your PC.  I receive almost as many re-registration requests from users previously registered as new users for registration info.  I want to avoid charging users for the software but soon will charge users for re-registration.  You do not need to re-register when changing PCs, the registration follows your call sign.  Changing your call?   Sure, glad to register you.

User Suggestions.  Many of the improvements to ARCS are initiated based on user reports of bugs or suggestions for improvements.  Thanks to those whose ideas make ARCS more usable for everyone.  Something not working?  Please let me know.  That is how issues in version 2.08 were brought to my attention.



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4 Responses to ARCS II Version 2.08

  1. Chris says:

    I can’t seem to get a download of ARCSII 2.08, the link goes to a 2.05 page, which in turn gives me a 404 error. I’d love to try it out! Maybe I’m doing something wrong?
    -Chris, VA3ECO

    • arcsii says:

      Not sure where you are looking Chris. You may have clicked on the link to ARCS III version 1.05? Clicking on the link to the ARCS II page gets you to . About halfway down the page, look for a version 2.08 download in red. Be aware, there are other software download links on this page. I just checked the link and it works correctly here. Try again with the direct link and let me know what happens. You may need to use the link refresh on your browser. TNX for ur note. de WB5KIA

      • Chris says:

        Hi Stephen, thanks for your fast reply. I tried your link and see no mention of 2.08, only 2.05. I even did a text search on your link and no “2.08” was found. Also when I click on the 2.05 download link, I go to a QSL.NET 404 error page. I have done screen captures of both and can send them to you, or post, but not sure how.

        Anyhow I have been using ARCS II with my Kenwood TS-2000 for about a year and it is AWESOME! I tried HRD but it just seemed a little over the top for what I am doing (remote control using LOGMEIN. I use a separate PTT com port from my PC ($8 for two RS232 channel PCI card from Hong Kong, can’t beat that with a stick). It all works really well. I love the fast response time of your program on this older XP computer.

        One issue I have now is getting ARCS II and MIXW running at the same time. I have just started using VSPE to make virtual com ports, and it seems that ARCS II causes MIXW’s frequency display to “blink” to a weird number every 5 seconds or so. This is not a game changer, HRD causes MIXW not to work at all!

        One solution is to chuck the MIXW logging altogether (other than digital modes), which is why I am kind of excited to see your new logging program. I tried importing my MIXW created ADIF file into the articulate logger and it did not work. I understand the articulate logger is on its way out.

        Thanks again,

      • arcsii says:

        Chris, I assume something is amiss with the cache in ur browser. With firefox the following should clear the cache . It is certain ur web page on ur browser is NOT updating to the current ARCS page. The current ARCS page has “page updated 31 August 2013 ” at the very bottom of the page.

        MIXEW adif to articulate logger did not work? Hmm. send me a piece of the ADIF created by Mix to the ARCS registration email address and I will see if I can find the issue. Also, give me some help with “did not work” … did not copy everything, anything,?

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