ARCS III Version 1.06

ARCS III Version 1.06 was released 14 July 2013. The WM7D online callbook can be used to directly enter information into the logger’s information fields. Three callbook  display options are availble: 1) simply display the callbook tool and search for callsigns, 2)  have the callbook tool find the station info and insert it into the appropriate fields of the logger (presently name, city, state and Maidenhead grid), or 3) type a call sign in the logbook Station field and press a button to display the station’s information across the top of the logging form.  Go to U.S.Callbook>  and select from the three options. There is no option to use third party callbook software  to automatically update the ARCS logbook.

Verson 1.06 also corrects several issues.  UTC offset is remembered after it is set on the Configuration form (the offset did not ‘save’ on some systems).  When you log on the logger screen, be aware, it takes up to 60 seconds for the application to start displaying UTC time.  The software initially displays whatever local time the PC is set for.  Adjustments Panel setting save to a file after they have been edited and the application closes (i.e., what is typed in the various fields is remembered); therefore, what you type will load automatically on future use of ARCS III.

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