ARCS_aprs_OSM is a tool to quickly make APRS maps.  It requires an Internet connection.  The tool is now part of ARCSaprs version 0.97 which was uploaded 9 May.  To make APRS maps for your location very rapidly, go to Tools>Fast OpenMaps in version 0.97.

ARCS_aprs_OSM generates maps for several APRS applications.  The software uses the Internet, the free OpenStreetMap tiles, your latitude and longitude to create jpeg bitmaps of suitable for use with ARCSaprs, UI-View and Xastir.  It also calculates the map corner positions and creates the helper geolocation file used in conjunction with the jpeg map that calibrates the maps.  Xastir users do need to convert the jpeg file to a graphic pixmap (.xpm) as described in Xastir documentation, however, the GEO file (*.geo) is correct. The map generating software uses a latitude and longitude coordinate pair to select the tile containing the coordinates.  OpenStreetMap maps generated for containing either nine or fifteen tiles, at various scales, are can be generated in a few seconds, depending on the speed of your Internet connection. OpenStreetMap tiles are copyrighted but users are free to use them as they want as long as credit is given.

Development is proceeding on a version of ARCSaprs that works with any TNC.

I recently received several favorable comments from North American stations regarding ARCSaprs.  I have not heard from other regions of the World.  Is this software working satisfactoraly outside North America?   Please send me an email to   m y c a l l s i g n at with your comments and ARCSaprs in the email topic.  Thanks.


Steve, WB5KIA

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