ARCSaprs version 0.96

ARCSaprs version 0.96a was posted 15 April.  This software is more stable and nearly a release edition.  ARCSaprs is the simplest way TS-2000 radio users can begin to explore APRS activity in their area.  Make sure you have version “a;” there is an issue with the 0.96 file which has been replaced.  Please send comments/bug reports..this is still in development.

ARCS MapMaker-OM is soon to be released.  MapMaker-OM is a simpilified mapmaker for APRS software.  It allows users with Internet access to download various size/scale maps for their locations based on the stations’s latitude and longitude coordinates.  It downloads the free OpenStreetMap tiles and creates both the image and information files required by ARCSaprs and UI-View (*.txt and *.inf files) so that download maps will have the appropriate coordinate information.  This tool significantly simplifies downloading maps for your area over the tool currently contained in ARCSaprs.

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