ARCSaprs for APRS with the Kenwood TS-2000

ARCSaprs is an APRS application specifically for use with the internal TNC on a TS-2000.  A version to use with conventional TNCs is planned once the bugs are worked out of this application. Version 0.95 is a beta version, which means everything does not work yet (though a lot does work fine). The software may be very difficult for some users to use.. ARCSsprs is NOT a finished product…I am experimenting. If you get upset when things don’t work or are concerned about possible program crashes, you probably should not use this version of the software.  I am not experiencing crashes, that does not mean they will not occur with the PC hardware you may be using.


Instructions are contained within the program.  If you are having difficulty, I suggest you try an application like UI-View  instead of ARCSaprs.
Map posting routines work very well in North America.  I expect the routines East of Greenwich work too but I do not know.  If you create a local area map and are willing to share, I will try to figure out some way of making the maps available to others.  Map files consist of the map.jpg and map.txt file.

Download the zipped file from the ARCS II web page.  Place the ARCSaprs folder in most any folder on your PC except the Program Files folder. If you do put ARCSaprs in that folder, due to elevated security on Vista, Win7 and Win8, you will not be able to save configuration files.  ARCSaprs works on Xp and Win 7 32bit and 64 bit PCs and should work on Win 8.

The application is free at the moment.  There is no registration.  However, I would appreciate comments from users reporting bugs and suggestions for improvements.  If I receive lots of input, development will continue; if not …   use mycallsign at to respond please.

Keep in mind, the TNC in the TS-2000 is not full featured.   I try to compensate for some deficiencies in the internal TNC with software solutions. Not all work seamlessly yet.  Be patient.


Steve, WB5KIA

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