New Features and bug fixes in ARCS II version 2.05 and ARCS III version 1.05

The Internet U.S.Callbook improved; Sliderule Dial bug fixes and enhancements;  DXSpider bug fix: DXServer no longer loses lock when PC goes into ‘sleep’ mode as running DXSpider inhibits PC sleep mode;  Memory Select bug fixed (S meter would now works after selecting multiple memories; Other small bugs fixed; added Internet links in the About MENU to link to ARCS News and to check for the latest version of the software.

Major changes are being made to the ARTICULATE logger option including compatibility with ARCS III logbooks, more voice messages and a simpler interface.  During transition the regular ARCSLog database will not be compatible with the NEW Articulate Log database.  To transfer logs, you will have to first create an ADI file, load it to the other software and create a ‘new’ logbook for ARCSLog or Articulate log.  The database used in ARCS II will become directly compatible with ARCS III logbooks. These changes will initially be made by replacing files in a folder with the files in a zipped file.  Eventually, the logbooks in ARCS II will have the same format as those in ARCS III.

The Internet U.S.Callbook improved. Autologbook fill (from the online U.S. callbook database) U.S.Callbook>Import Station data to log fields from the database. After typing a call in the station field, Tab to Name–the field will fill-in or you can type over the database info.  Alternatively, use U.S.Callbook>Callbook data for call to look-up the information for a station entry typed in the box.  The address information posts only in the Logger form, it does not automatically post in the logger fields.

A Keyer for transceivers other than Kenwood is now available (The CW keyer is a separate download on the ARCS III web page.  The keyer is controllable from the main software screens). Experimental ‘Sliderule’ CAT dial added.  DXSpider bug fixed: DXServer no longer loses lock when PC goes into ‘sleep’ mode – DXSpiter now inhibits PC from entering sleep mode.  Various other small bug fixes and tweaks. Internet links were in the About MENU to link to ARCS News and to check for the latest version of the software.
Still in testing.  A feature to poll GPS data from GPS hardware attached to your PC through a COM/USB port was successfully added.  Final release of the software is still anticipated for this Spring.

73,  Steve, WB5KIA

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