ARCS II 2.04 and ARCS III 1.04 Released

At the request of numerous users, ARCS II  version 2.04 has a ‘full’ screen display option (Tools>Full Screen).  It still has scaled screens which provide a similar effect . ‘Autoscroll’ on the DX Panel of DXWeb is fixed.  This version includes a ‘soundcard changer’ for Win 7  (Tools>Win 7/Vista Soundcard Selection).

ARCS III ‘s  installer uses a new algorithm to determine if OmniRig is already installed on your PC. The DX Panel is activated (tally your DX and WAS achievements).  Full Screen bugs are fixed (the main form should scale correctly on all PCs).

ARCS II definately will not have an APRS module in Version 2. I am hopeful the stand-alone application ARCSaprs intended to replace the APRS module in ARCS II will be released by the new year. A beta version, one that might be a bit unstable and without the Gps feature, may be released at any time for testing.

Happy Thanksgiving and 73,
Steve, WB5KIA

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