ARCS III Version 1.03 and progress on ARCS II

ARCS III version 1.03 is now available.  The latest release fixes major bugs in the contest logger, small bugs in the main application and includes several updated algorithms.  Users have requested a full screen version of ARCS II for several years; ARCS III can now display ‘full screen’  (Tools>Full Screen).  If the ‘full screen’ works on ARCS III as I intend for all versions of Windows and hardware, the capability will migrate to ARCS II.  ARCS III should be compatible with Win 8, if it is not, please let me know using my ARCS registration email address (I do not have a copy of Win 8 to try, however the software should recognize Win 8 provided OmniRig is compatible.  There is a possible fix to issues related to Netbook PC screens; try the revised tool in Tools>Netbook ( I no longer have a netbook to test but am hopeful).  I hope to have a a code keyer integrated for radios other than Kenwood (there is already a keyer for Kenwood radios) by the Christmas holidays and some other new tools including activation of the DX statistics folder.

If you use the ARCSkiamorse CW contest and code practice tool, you can access it directly by
unzipping the software and replacing the kiamorse folder in the ARCS III version 1.03 download with the unzipped kiamorse folder.  Use Contest>Simulator to get there after you install kiaMorse.

The independant aprsARCS software is near to release, it still has bugs.  I have had problems getting it to run on Win7.  Mentioned above, ARCS II may be getting ‘full screen’ capability.  There will be an ARCS II update, sometime in the later part of November.


Steve, WB5KIA

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