ARCS II 2.02

The audio scope tool ARCSScope is available again with ARCS II Version 2.02 onwards. Speech is implimented; Command and Control (the ability to ‘talk’ to the radio) is not. Graphical and speed improvements were made using the latest Delphi compiler (largely as a result of bug fixes in the compiler yet again). Some ‘original’ ARCS functions are still disabled in this version. Most functions veteran users are used to having along with more ‘toys’ should become available in the coming months. I redid the basic APRS. ARCS is getting too large to run on PCs with minimal memory so I decided the APRS functions will be a separate application. ARCSaprs should be released in November or sooner. A GPS tool is being added to the APRS software. The tool allows GPS units like Etrex and Microsoft GPS in conjunction with the software. GPS devices will provide automatic positioning information to ARCSaprs packets.

A small change was made to ARCSpsk to eliminate a decimal separator issue that affected users whose PC use a   ‘ , ‘  as a decimal separator. The vast majority of users of ARCSpsk are not affected.

Steve, WB5KIA

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