ARCS II Version 2.01 and ARCS III Version 1.02

ARCS III Version 1.02 was released 10 August 2012.  ARCS II Version 2.02 will be released soon.

ARCS II Version 2.01 will be released about 9/10   29/30 June mid August  (Sorry, I had a large number of unexpected things come up delaying release). The latest version will include improved graphics and  will return the the  APRS module.  …and include an improved install procedure for Win 7/Vista users.

ARCS III version 1.02    should be released in the same time frame.  was released 10 August.  ARCS log creation from ADIF created with other applications fixed. DTMF tool reintroduced and working.  Experimental DDE (dynamic data exchange) partially implemented for “Hamscope” digital mode software. Print log capability implemented. Partial ReadMe speech capability reintroduced (a few issues remain).  Fixed istatusbar bearing/distance reporting..added feature to obtain more prefix info by left mouse clicking the field in the status bar. Updated the Help file..the Help file is still incomplete but improved.

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