ARCS III Registration and Help

Download.  The lastest posted download is May 6.   Version 1.01 corrects issues with the installer on some versions of Windows and ability to create new log books.

Registration Issues.    If your registration did not take, it may be due to an issue with my registration algorithm.    If the registration number I assign you does NOT work and contains 10 characters, try this: add a 3 digit immediately after the S in ARCS; e.g. for instance ARCS341111 becomes ARCS3341111 ; that is 11 characters long, instead of 10.   All registrations after 6 May contain eleven (11) characters, Starting with ARCS3…If you registered prior to 6 May and your registration number has only ten (10) digits, and yourregistration  works with version 1.0, ill have to add the 3 for version 1.01.  Sorry about that.

Registration.   If you request a registration and do not received it within several days, please let me know with a follow-up email. I process most registrations  in one to two days (If I am traveling, it may take longer). Occassionally I get a request  for a registration; then send the registration information to the station and the mail is returned to me with a non delivery notice.  The address is flagged not available or something similar.  I do make several attempts to get the registration to you.   Make sure “ARCS III Registration” appears in the email registration request heading.

OmniRig.   If OmniRig is not presently installed on your PC, the ARCSInstaller will give you an opportunity to install it from the installer.   You should not have to find OmniRig on the Web and install it that way (although that works).  If you have issues with the OmniRig install from ARCS, please let me know what Windows version you are using and I will try to fix this “feature.” Previously, there were issues with installs, primarily on Win 7 64bit and possibly other 64bit OS.

Help. I am glad to help with configuration. If you never set up a radio for CAT control, it can be a confusing process. Instructions are provided in the Help file (Main Toolbar, Help>Help) but if you still have issues, contact me. Remember, the OmniRig settings are different for every brand radio-several examples are in the Help file. The baud you set MUST be identical to the BAUD the radio is using. If you request help, please tell me in the initial email what radio you are using. It is very important.

Have fun with ARCS.

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